About Me

Hi!  My name’s Marjory and welcome to my cooking blog.  I  was briefly a plant scientist,  unhappy with living in a lab, I packed up my things and headed on up to Canada to go to culinary school then off to Charleston S.C. for my first baking job!  My pup and I were southern belles for a year but missed the change of the seasons and not too fond of the fleas so it was home to New Enlgand for us!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This looks very exciting and I look forward to seeing many recipes and pictures of desserts. I will be checking the blog on a regular basis.

  2. Marjory,
    Everything you make looks wonderful, and the items I’ve been fortunate enough to eat have been delicious. One suggestion, your Contact page says to email you for information about ordering chocolates but I didn’t see anything else about the chocolates in the blog. They are fantastic and and hope you’ll post some photos and descriptions.

  3. Thank you for the chocolates they were fantastic. Cool site too I’ll refer my fiancé see I I can get her in the kitchen.

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