Baby it’s cold outside!

A year and a half ago I found out I was going to be an aunt and I was ecstatic!  A few weeks after that I found out I was going to have a niece, for a girl who loves anything pink or sparkly (I mean, come on, just look at the name of my blog) you can imagine how excited I was.  I started shopping for cute little baby girl clothes right away.

Around Thanksgiving my mom, sisters, and I started planning my sister-in-law, Kristin’s, baby shower.  Since her due date was at the end of January we decided that right after Christmas would be a good time to throw the baby bash, since everyone would still be CT from the holidays.

We decided on a snowy/pink theme. My mom had the great idea of changing the Christmas tree décor to pink and white baby inspired decorations.  We took down all the other Christmas decorations that were around the house and replaced them with snowflakes and a pink baby clothes line.

My sister Jessica, who makes arrangements for weddings, made a lovely pink and white flower center piece. (You should defiantly check out her website )

The food was catered by a local Vietnamese restaurant that Kristin is a fan of and I made the desserts!

Everything was delicious!  I made a two tier, super moist, chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream then covered it with pink fondant and decorated it with snow and a sleeping baby.

Along with the cake I also made chocolate cake pops dipped in white chocolate and my sister, Becca, helped out with making M&M chocolate chip cookies.

We also had pink lemonade for the mommy-to-be and tasty sherbet punch for the rest of the guests.

Everyone came wearing pink and left with light pink Essie nail polish called Pink-A-Boo. Overall, I think it was a huge success and we had the party just in time!  This little nugget arrive just one week later, three weeks earlier than everyone was planning for!


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