The Ants Go Marching

The restaurant I work at, Republic, was actually closed on Memorial Day which was an exciting little treat (although I normally have Mondays off)!!!  To celebrate the owners decided to throw a little Memorial Day party/picnic/volleyball tournament at a large park closed to the restaurant.  They provided the burgers, hotdogs, and beer, and everyone else brought the sides.  And what’s a picnic without some ants?!  Or at least ant cupcakes?

The cupcake  was just plain vanilla, with vanilla “buttercream” dyed green, and dyed coconut, which left my fingers green for two days.  The ants were made out of dark chocolate covered espresso beans and dark chocolate covered raisins.  The legs and antanae were black “buttercream” and the watermelon were Sour Patch Watermelons.  I looked high and low for those old school candy citrus slices but couldn’t find them anywhere, but they definitely would have looked better than the Sour Patch ones, but oh well!

** Buttercream is in quotation marks because it was American buttercream which is just unsalted butter or crisco, powdered sugar, and flavoring and in my opinion not real buttercream, but it’s quick and simple and easy to whip up.**


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